2020 (30) 60

Issued: 02 / 2021
Publisher: Univerzita Karlova, Filozofická fakulta
ISSN: 2571-452X
172 pages

Performativity and Creativity in Modern Cultures

Introduction: perspectives on performativity and creativity
Martin Procházka, p. 1-11
Performing objects: On the verbal making of things
Andreas Mahler, p. 12-32
To live a problem: Deleuze and existential politics
Jeffrey A. Bell, p. 33-47
Afformative, afformance, afformativity: The critique of performativity in Werner Hamacher’s work
Gergő Balogh, p. 48-75
The “work” of post-conceptual writing: the strange case of Édouard Levé
David Vichnar and Jean Bessière, p. 76-99
Heterotelic models as performatives: From speech acts to propositionality
Pavel Drábek, p. 100-117
Between professional wrestling and the public arena: construction of the public persona
Russell Gilbert, p. 118-133
Comics as creative inspiration for performative art forms
Anna Wołosz-Sosnowska, p. 134-150
Romantic play: from ludus to paidia, from agon to ilinx
Mirka Horová, p. 151-169
Notes on Contributors
p. 170-172