2021 (31) 61

Issued: 08 / 2021
Publisher: Univerzita Karlova, Filozofická fakulta
ISSN: 2571-452X
160 pages

Migration and Intercultural Communication

Migration and Intercultural Communication: An Introduction
Martin Procházka, p. 1-7
Trade in Strangers: Curiosity, Travel and the Recruitment of Migrants
William O’Reilly, p. 8-26
Purity: The Emergence of a Cultural Code in Early Modern Europe
Peter Burschel, p. 27-42
White Supremacy: American Style
Matthew Pratt Guterl, p. 43-59
The Camp and the Journey: Aesthetic Encounters with Forced Migration
Clare Wallace, p. 60-79
“A Very Entertaining Book”: The Ventriloquism of Rudyard Kipling’s The Eyes of Asia
Zoheb Mashiur, p. 80-99
Slavery and Liberation Observed from the Margins of the Atlantic: Reflections of Overseas Colonization in The Book of Joseph (1783-1784)
Markéta Křížová, p. 100-126
Revisiting the Golden Age: Brexit, Migration and the Rhetoric of National Identity
Mirka Horová, p. 127-148
Irish studies at a time of transition
Ondřej Pilný, p. 149-154
Notes on Contributors
p. 155-157