2022 (32) 64

Issued: 02 / 2023
Publisher: Univerzita Karlova, Filozofická fakulta
ISSN: 2571-452X
125 pages

Culture as an Interface and Dialogue

Introduction: Culture as an Interface and Dialogue
Martin Procházka, p. 1-7
Performative Models and Physical Fictions: Dialogic Performance as Social Coevolution. A Case for Arcadian Theatre
(Modelling the World through Play)
Pavel Drábek, p. 8-36
Challenging Intercultural Communicative Competence: Culture as an Emergent Phenomenon
Martin Štefl, p. 37-53
Dialogic Dislocation: Alternative Strategies for Cultural Communication
Darya Kulbashna, p. 54-66
“Everybody’s Just Working the Marks, Brother”: A Kayfabe Reading of Social Identity, Performativity and Performative Identity
Russell Gilbert, p. 67-83
Precarious Dialogues with “Inner Plantation” in Kara Walker’s Silhouette and Sculpture Installations
Valeriya Sabitova, p. 84-100
Verbal Arts and Storytelling in Mouloud Feraoun’s La Terre et le sang (1953)
Nadia Naar Gada, p. 101-118
Probing the Neglected Oeuvre of Walter Macken
Ondřej Pilný, p. 119-123
Notes on Contributors
p. 124-125